Explaining the Value

The I’m Possible Training Online Training System costs the normal player $29.95 per month.

The Coach System allows every coach to put their entire roster on the most complete in-season/off-season training program on the planet for the cost of 1 player!

150+ Drills

Your players will never run out of skills to work on.

50+ Workouts

Your players will know exactly what to do with their time on the court.

12 Month Access

Your players keep the system all-year round so they can improve all-year round.

Monitor Activity

Know exactly what your players are doing on their own time.

Individual Systems

Each player on your roster will have their own personal training system.

Rank players

With live result tracking, you will know where each player stands in multiple statistical categories.





Online Training is not about giving players drills. It’s about giving them the skills needed to be effective players.

I’m Possible’s Team Training System gives coaches a complete roster to fill. Coaches simply enter in each player’s basic information and their Online Training System is up and running!  It’s that easy. Their training program and your ability to monitor their progress can begin!


Your player’s watch live, in-gym videos where Micah Lancaster walks them through every drill in the program step by step, and completely explains the game application within each drill. They’ll be able to perform each drill with perfect execution.

You and your players also have access to the I’m Possible video library, which gives them the ability to focus on the key areas in their game on any given day, as each and every drill is placed in the appropriate category for easy access.



You know you cannot be in the gym with your players as much as you’d like to be. That’s why I’m Possible’s Online Team Training system gives coaches the ability toknow exactly when each of their player’s logs in to the system and exactly what they accomplished in their workout!


You might be restricted by the hours you can spend with your players, but as a coach with the I’m Possible Online Team System, you can still make sure your players are improving. Coaches can put their team on the standard I’m Possible schedule, assign the team to a specific workout, or go as detailed as assigning each player to their own individual drills to work on. It’s really that easy.



It’s never been easier for a coach to guarantee his players are on an organized and steady in-season or off-season workout plan!

Players have an unlimited amount of custom designed workouts and individual drills at their fingertips!

You as the coach can simply assign them a custom I’m Possible workout, or you can assign them specific drills you’d like them to perform. Each of our drills are designed with video demonstration plus the ability for the player’s to record their shooting percentage after performing the drill.



The most complete Online Individual Training System the game of basketball has to offer is now available for every team in the country and around the world!

$395.00 per Year –

I’m Possible TEAM Online Training System

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