“500 shot per day” workouts won’t work. A bunch of drills won’t either. A proven schedule and system is your key!

It’s time to train with…

– 5 Workouts Per month

– Online Stat Tracking

– Organized Video Library

– Shooting Percentage and Rankings


 For the price of training with I’m Possible Trainer’s for TWO HOURS….Players can be trained by I’m Possible Trainers 365 DAYS A YEAR



Online Training is not about giving players drills. That’s not enough! Our Online Training System is designed to actually train our players following the exact path we would take them on as professional NBA trainers. Not everyone has the means to train with NBA Skills Coach Micah Lancaster, but with our Online Training System players can be trained by Micah Lancaster.


Everyone knows just how innovative and effective our workouts are.   The question is are you intimidated by our training? The Complete Player Training System is built for Pros, but formatted into a system designed for players between the ages of 10 to the pros!

How is that possible? I’m Possible Training is the first training organization that successfully trains all ages at amazingly advanced levels using our innovative and world-famous training methods.


No shipping costs or waiting for the mail. Just place your order and you will have instant online access. Start the world’s most renowned training just minutes from now!Using your online profile, you’ll be able to chart your every make and miss, see statistical reports on your progress, indicate the areas on the floor you shoot the best, the types of shots you need to work on more, and eventually even see where you rate against other player in the country and around the world!



  • NBA All-Star and #1 Pick in the 2011 NBA Draft
    Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers)

    “Micah Lancaster is one of the best in the business…hands down!

  • Two Time NBA Champion and NCAA Champion
    Mario Chalmers (Miami Heat)

    “The thing that stands out the most about Micah is his commitment to getting people better. When he worked me out last summer it’s the best I’ve felt in a while. He’s very energetic and you know he’s going to make you challenge yourself.”

  • #2 Pick in the 2010 NBA Draft and former NCAA National Player of the Year
    Evan Turner (Boston Celtics)

    “Micah Lancaster has some of the most amazing workouts I’ve ever seen. There are no limits to his imagination to get you better!”

  • 1st Round NBA Pick and NCAA Champion
    Nolan Smith

    “Micah Lancaster is a great trainer. If you have a chance to work with him and he’s in a city near you, get in the gym with him. Even one time and he’ll show you the way.”



 For support or payment issues please contact subscriptions@possibletraining.com.