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If Jacob Tucker has a secret for his world famous 50 inch vertical it’s this: To increase your vertical, don’t concentrate on your vertical. Focus on your footwork, your technique, and your overall basketball specific athleticism.

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Skill Development Jump Camp Overview:

Jacob Tucker’s Skill Development Jump Camp reveals the methods that brought Jacob Tucker to prominence with his 50 inch vertical. Most important, Jacob unwraps the training methods that gave him the ability to not only have a high vertical, but actually use his athleticism in the game, which no other jump program in the country offers!

The skill development jump program starts from the foundation – a player’s feet. While some players can jump based on raw athleticism, every player can learn to maximize their jumping potential simply from focusing on their footwork.

That’s why Jacob Tucker’s genius jumping system is the ultimate for building the complete basketball-specific athlete. Not only will player’s learn how to improve their game-time vertical, they will also leave an improved basketball player. Player’s will leave as better finishers around the rim, equipped with creativity, exceptional footwork, explosiveness, and touch. After all, it’s not just being able to jump that matters. It’s being able to jump and finish that makes a dangerous basketball player.

Jump Camp Features

  • Intense Skills Training and Jump Training by Jacob Tucker
  • Basketball specific footwork that increases a player’s athleticism
  • Finishing and Explosion Training at the Basket
  • Methods to understand how to use “jumping” muscles more efficiently
  • Jacob’s training methods completely revealed

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