Micah Lancaster, the founder of I’m Possible Training, is one of the world's most recognized and respected skill development trainers. As the inventor of the Rip Cone, the originator of medicine basketball training techniques, the developer of the I’m Possible Skill Lab Training backboard, and I’m Possible’s Footwork Training System, Micah Lancaster is simply put, the creator of skill training innovations that have been popularized around the world. Having launched his career by working with Kobe Bryant for an event with the London School of Basketball, Micah has since worked with players at all levels - grassroots to the pros - including Kyrie Irving, Karl-Anthony Towns, Victor Oladipo, Dwyane Wade, Evan Turner, Marcus Morris, Avery Bradley, Jeremy Lin, Ben McLemore, Jeff Green, and Mario Chalmers, among others.


While I’m Possible Training is the world's largest basketball training organization with certified trainers gaining establishment across the globe, I’m Possible’s Trainer University program offer's trainers from around the world the opportunity to learn the art and craft of skill enhancement directly from Micah Lancaster at I’m Possible’s Skill Lab World Headquarters located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Every year, trainers travel from around the world and around the United States to attend I'm Possible Trainer University and learn directly from Micah Lancaster. The Trainer University experience allows trainers to learn in the Lab and classroom with Micah Lancaster and experience the Skill Enhancement process and methodology that has made I’m Possible the world’s largest basketball training organization.Trainers will also experience I'm Possible's West Michigan training programs to experience the day to day operations of I'm Possible’s Skill Lab World Headquarters and the training that takes place there!

Trainers will also be able to stay at the "I'm Possible Guesthouse" which provides University trainers with a full kitchen and living experience. Trainers are also allowed unlimited access to work on their craft utilizing the I’m Possible Skill Lab and Athletic Performance Center.

becoming an i’m
possible trainer

Micah Lancaster has helped more trainers become full-time in the business than any other training organization, hands down! While the select trainers Micah has been able to mentor over the years have experienced major success in the skill development industry, Micah's time restrictions and demand has made it difficult for him to mentor more. That all changed with I'm Possible Trainer University, the first program designed to help trainers establish themselves in the industry and do what they love for the rest of their lives! Fast track your career as a basketball skill development trainer with I'm Possible Training.

"Upon joining I’m Possible Training, my career completely blossomed to a global level in just two years."

Dj Sackmann, I'm Possible Pro Master Trainer





One week of extensive instruction with Micah

Trainer University Credential Program

The I’m Possible University Credential program is a one week course, providing the trainer with experience and instruction at Micah Lancaster’s home base, the I’m Possible Skill Lab World Headquarters. Learning directly from Micah Lancaster, each trainer will be provided the opportunity to become a Certified I’m Possible Trainer while earning up to two credential badges to help start the process toward a higher level rank within I’m Possible. A valuable experience, each trainer will be able to start their career within I’m Possible Training with a running head start in the skill development industry!

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One month of extensive instruction & mentorship with Micah Lancaster


The I’m Possible University Master program allows the trainer to train for one month at Micah Lancaster’s I’m Possible Skill Lab World Headquarters, learning the ins and outs of the basketball business and I’m Possible’s world-renowned principles and concepts. Within the Master program, the trainer will be given the opportunity to learn directly from Micah Lancaster and possibly earn their way to an I’m Possible Training Pro Master ranking and possibly become one of I’m Possible’s top ranked trainers due to a stellar performance throughout the program.

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$250 + $100/MONTH

Year-long instruction, mentorship & online classes with Micah Lancaster


No one has mentored more trainers into full-time status and basketball training prowess than Micah Lancaster. Now, for the first time ever, Micah is opening up his trainer mentorship services on a broader scale. Limited to only a select group of trainers, starting on February 1, 2018, trainers from around the world will be able to learn the ins and outs of Micah Lancaster’s I’m Possible Innovation, Skill Enhancement expertise, and business methods.

$250 deposit due by02/01/2018

$100 per month starting 02/01/2018

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