I'm Possible Training Camps

As the World’s Largest Basketball Training organization, I’m Possible Training camps are some of the most sought camps in the world, drawing players from around the US and across the globe. With over 200 certified I'm Possible Trainers, and a collection of the world's most highly acclaimed trainers in the industry, there is simply no training organization that can match the I'm Possible resume and I'm Possible's world-class camp offering. Innovative and designed around the concept of making every player feel like they are alone in the gym, the purpose of every I’m Possible camp is to empower and equip players of all levels with the skills needed to train themselves.

Finding a Certified I'm Possible Camp Near You

No training organization offers more camps each year than I'm Possible Training. With our trainers hosting camps around the world, I'm Possible's world-class training is available for you. All you need to do is find a certified I'm Possible Camp near you!

Certified Camps Guarantee I'm Possible Quality

At I'm Possible Training, we are most known for changing the face of basketball training with our innovative, unique and proprietary training methods. I'm Possible methods and training tools can be seen used around the globe, and our certified I'm Possible camps and I'm Possible Certified Trainers ensure that the purpose behind our innovation is properly understood and executed with our players. I'm Possible boasts the world’s best collaboration of trainers in existence, and our I'm Possible camps are a reflection of that same world-class quality!

01 Micah Lancaster Signature Camps
02 Certified Elite Skill Camps
03 Micah Lancaster's PT Academy
04 I'm Possible Super Skillcase

Check our calendar often for a full list of certified and featured I'm Possible camps such as those that are listed below.


"Our goal is to leave each player inspired and equipped to train. After every event, each player is ready to train on their own until we meet again. Future stars are being born!"

Micah Lancaster, I'm Possible Founder

Micah Lancaster Signature Camps

Micah Lancaster’s National Signature Camps are held in various regions across the country. Being the camps that Micah Lancaster personally directs each year, each of Micah’s signature camps regularly represent 10-15 states and are popular for players around the world to attend.

Each week or weekend Signature event will force players to make mistakes and learn about their weaknesses. They’ll develop the joy that comes with innovative and exciting work! Most importantly, through intense, on-court skill training, exciting and in-depth original film breakdowns or classroom sessions, and competitive game play, player’s will learn how to self-assess and train on their own.

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I'm Possible Elite Skill Camps

I’m Possible Elite Skills Camps are the only certified I’m Possible camps, directed by certified I’m Possible Trainers, guaranteed to be the same camp model that started the I’m Possible movement. Elite Skills Camps are designed to push player’s to their limits, motivate them towards their dreams, and put them on a road map to success. When a player comes to an I’m Possible Elite Skills Camp they will experience much of the same advanced teaching and instruction as are offered with all of I’m Possible’s NBA players and college and high school All-Americans, but broken down in a form that every player can handle no matter their age or skill level.

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Micah Lancaster's PT Academy

Over the last several years, players from 40 US states and 15 countries have taken part in Micah Lancaster’s Personal Training Academy, formerly known as Elevate. In Micah Lancaster’s PT Academy, a maximum of 10 players each week will have the opportunity to train with Micah at the Micah Lancaster I’m Possible Court, covering the same skills training curriculum he has used with NBA superstars. And every day players will work with one of I’m Possible’s athletic performance gurus, covering a wide variety of athletic components – speed, agility, vertical, core, flexibility, and footwork. Each player will train in an individualized small group for the entire week for over 30 hours of innovative and efficient training along with film study.

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I'm Possible Super Skillcase

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