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At I'm Possible Training, we are most known for changing the face of basketball training with our innovative, unique and proprietary training methods and training tools that can be seen used around the globe. As the world's authority on basketball skill enhancement trainer certification, I'm Possible is an influential alliance of hundreds of trainers and coaches collectively changing the world of basketball through our unbiased approach to the game.

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I’m Possible’s Founder

As the inventor of the Rip Cone, the originator of medicine basketball training techniques, the founder of the world's first Skill Lab Training backboard and first ever Footwork Training System, Micah is the one of the world's most recognized and respected skill development trainers. As the creator of a new modern day training methodology known as Skill Enhancement, Micah has worked with players at all levels including Victor Oladipo, Kyrie Irving, Karl-Anthony Towns, Brandon Ingram, Dwyane Wade, OG Anunoby, Evan Turner, Marcus Morris, Avery Bradley, Jeremy Lin, Ben McLemore, Jeff Green, and Mario Chalmers, among others.

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Trainer Certification

The I’m Possible Skill Enhancement and Game Enhancement Trainer certification is designed to provide trainers all over the world with education, curriculum, and accreditation through the world’s largest basketball training organization. Once certified, all trainers immediately gain the benefits, curriculum and resources of an I’m Possible Trainer.

All of our Certified I’m Possible Trainers receive access to countless I’m Possible benefits. From full access to all of our curriculum, concepts, online videos and workouts, business models and global opportunities, possession of a fully functional, editable, and searchable profile on our site, to discounted gear and training tools, and much more.

Coach Certification

Our Certified Coach program is designed around providing Coaches all over the world with the I’m Possible skill development curriculum and tools that will help them in the realm of skill and game enhancement for their players. That’s why all of our certified I’m Possible Coaches have access to I’m Possible’s complete video curriculum of over 500 drills, AND access to I’m Possible’s prized new system – “The Skill Movement”.

With us, it’s not about arguing what methods are the best, but rather finding all the developmental methods that players and teams are finding to be effective so all of our coaches and players can learn and grow. All of our coaches have the right to pick and choose the concepts and developmental methods that best help them improve their players, and I’m Possible simply does what we do best: Innovate, Educate, Support and Equip coaches for success!

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With a global search engine of trainers and locations, players and parents are able to immediately find the trainer or location that is closest to their area and the best fit for their situation.

Certified Camps Around the World

As the World’s Largest Basketball Training organization, I’m Possible Training camps are some of the most sought camps in the world, innovative and designed around the concept of making every player feel like they are alone in the gym. Why? The purpose of I’m Possible is to empower and equip players of all levels with the skills needed to train themselves!


Certified Locations around the World

I’m Possible Training Locations can be found all over the world. Offering monthly classes, large and small group sessions, and camps and clinics. Any I’m Possible certified location is guaranteed to be directed by I’m Possible certified trainers.