The Certified I'm Possible Facility

Directing an “I’m Possible Facility” allows I’m Possible trainers the opportunity to have an economical training program for their communities. When a player or parent isn’t quite serious enough or possibly can't afford personal training services, the Certified Facility option gives trainers the ability to have an economical offering for their players.

Are You Eligible?

Don't have your own facility? No problem! Opening an I'm Possible Facility in your area, DOES NOT REQUIRE owning your own gym. To gain the rights to own and operate a Certified I'm Possible Facility within the US, a trainer must simply have consistent access to facilities to run their program and guarantee to I'm Possible Training that ALL trainers directing their programs be active certified I'm Possible Trainers. With those two items in mind, every trainer is eligible to open an I'm Possible Training Facility and offer I'm Possible Training programs in their community.

Premium Placement and Maximum Exposure

The power of having an I’m Possible Facility is found in our global reputation and our Facility landing page. When people are looking for training in their area, they are either looking for personal training or a program to enroll for. Therefore, it's to any trainer's advantage to provide both offerings. With the addition of our new Certified Facility Landing page, our I'm Possible Facilities will gain maximum exposure for every parent and player looking for consistent programming. Not only that, quarterly email blasts to I'm Possible's Global database will highlight your facility for your entire community to see.

* Brand Freedom
* Creative Flexibility
* I'm Possible Support
* Maximum Exposure


"By operating a certified I’m Possible Facility, our trainers are able to provide more economical options for players and build a better local business model for themselves."

Micah Lancaster, I'm Possible Founder

No Need to Change Your Brand

When you open an “I’m Possible Certified Facility” you DO NOT need to change your brand. Your brand can operate exactly as it currently does with the added benefit of I’m Possible Training endorsing your program on our site!

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Creative Flexibility

Operating your own I’m Possible Certified Location, otherwise known as a Certified Facility, is all about flexibility. All I’m Possible Trainers and Coaches have access to the I’m Possible Certified Facility Complete Player Program curriculum. Many of our locations utilize those benefits, follow the I’m Possible curriculum, and use the printable PDF workouts. As a certified facility, you are welcome to use those handouts at your leisure and offer your customers the exact I’m Possible System.

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Be Powered by I'm Possible Training

If you don’t have your own brand, and you want to develop a brand that is Powered by I’m Possible Training, we will work with you to develop that custom identity. If do you have your own brand you are completely welcome to continue using it. If you want to keep it even more simple and utilize the I’m Possible brand for your program, then just pick a name for your Certified Facility such as I’m Possible South Beach and you’re ready to roll! The choice is yours.

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For ONLY $395 per year

When a trainer has a Facility program to offer at a lower price point and personal training to offer at a higher price point there is simply something for everybody! At $395 per year, the I’m Possible Facility model is a must!

  • A simple annual fee of $395 covers everything!
  • Complete editable facility profile on
  • Enhanced exposure from our Facility landing page.
  • Option to utilize I’m Possible’s Complete Curriculum of drills, videos, and workouts!

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