Our Certified Coach program is designed around providing Coaches all over the world with the I’m Possible skill development curriculum and tools that will help them in the realm of skill and game enhancement for their players. That’s why all of our certified I’m Possible Coaches have access to I’m Possible’s complete video curriculum of over 500 drills, AND access to I’m Possible’s prized new system – “The Skill Movement”.

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// Certification Case Study


// Coach Certification Benefits

  • Access to the complete I’m Possible Curriculum full of hundreds of drills and training programs.
  • Receive discounts on our skill-specific training courses to expand your knowledge in skill and game enhancement.
  • Complete editable profile on
  • And more!

// Explanation of Costs

A simple fee of $50 covers everything a coach needs to receive their I’m Possible Skill and Game Enhancement Handbook and take the Online Coach Test. The Coach Certification process requires that coaches pass I’m Possible Training’s skill and game enhancement handbook testing to show a basic understanding of I’m Possible’s Training philosophies. Once a coach passes the test, they can activate their certification with a monthly fee of $29.95 and immediately gain the benefits, resources, curriculum, and online training tools that all of I’m Possible’s Trainers and Coaches receive!


// Following the Certification Process

To begin the process of becoming a certified I’m Possible Coach please complete the steps below. As with any legitimate certification process, you may have questions. Please feel free to contact us any time!

// Complete the Test and Make it Official

To become a certified I’m Possible Coach, please complete the steps below:



Once you’ve completed the Online Test just select “Complete Certification.” There you will be directed to your Coach Account Inbox with directions to Make it Official and access the complete I’m Possible Curriculum!