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Our Certified Coach program is designed around providing Coaches all over the world with the I’m Possible skill development curriculum and tools that will help them in the realm of skill and game enhancement for their players. That’s why all of our certified I’m Possible Coaches have access to I’m Possible’s complete video curriculum of over 500 drills and organized workouts.

What Coach Certification is All About

With us, it’s not about arguing what methods are the best, but rather finding all the developmental methods that players and teams are finding to be effective so all of our coaches and players can learn and grow. All of our coaches have the right to pick and choose the concepts and developmental methods that best help them improve their players, and I’m Possible simply does what we do best: Innovate, Educate, Support and Equip coaches for success!

Being Development Driven

We want all coaches to become more skill-development driven in their craft and gain assistance on developing their players for the good of their teams. That’s why our Coach program is only a simple fee of $50, which covers everything a coach needs to receive their I’m Possible Skill and Game Enhancement Handbook and take the Online Coach Test. The I'm Possible Coach Certification process requires that coaches pass I’m Possible Training’s skill and game enhancement handbook testing to show a basic understanding of I’m Possible’s Training philosophies. Once a coach passes the test, they can activate their certification with a monthly fee of $29.95 and immediately gain the benefits, resources, curriculum, and online training tools that all of I’m Possible’s Trainers and Coaches receive!

01 Take the Test
02 Activate Your Certification
03 Access Our Curriculum

To begin the process of becoming a certified I’m Possible Coach please complete the steps below. As with any legitimate certification process, you may have questions. Please feel free to contact us any time!


"I'm Possible Training has some of the most amazing workouts I’ve ever seen. There are no limits to their imagination to get you better! Training with I'm Possible and the training tools they use is more than just routine training. It's game time, unpredictable repetition."

Evan Turner, Portland Trailblazers, #2 Pick in the 2010 NBA Draft

step 01: Take the Test

When you register to take the I’m Possible Coach online test, you will receive a downloadable I’m Possible Training Skill and Game Enhancement Handbook, which outlines the foundation and formula of I’m Possible Training’s methods and detailed teaching points. You will also receive access to take the test directly from your I’m Possible account. The purpose of the I’m Possible test is to help the basketball community get on the same page concerning basketball skill development terminology and gain better overall understanding of multiple training methods.

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step 02: Activate your certification

Once you have successfully completed and passed the test, you can active your I’m Possible Coach account by selecting “Complete”. There you will be directed to your Coach Account Inbox with directions to “Make it Official” and and access the complete I’m Possible Curriculum! Please keep in mind that there may be a 24 hour delay before this step can be completed due to internal processing of your certification.

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Enjoy your coach benefits

  • Gain access to the complete I’m Possible Curriculum full of hundreds of drills and training programs.
  • Receive discounts on our skill-specific training courses to expand your knowledge in skill and game enhancement.
  • Complete editable profile on
  • Receive discounts to I’m Possible Training products and tools.
  • And more!

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