The I’m Possible Certification Process for Coaches, Trainers, and Players

// Complete the Steps for Trainers and Coaches


Once you’ve completed the first two phases of the I’m Possible Certification process, just select “Complete Certification.” There you will be directed to your Trainer Account Inbox with directions to Make it Official and Publish your I’m Possible Trainer Profile!

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// Learn about the I’m Possible Player Certification

The I’m Possible Player Certification is an industry first opportunity for players to have unique mentorship relationships with professional trainers. By becoming a certified I’m Possible Player you will gain unlimited access to a Certified and approved I’m Possible Trainer of your choice to personally mentor you and communicate with you. Your trainer will help guide you through skill development, basketball decisions, and ultimately help you establish and accomplish your basketball vision with the help of the I’m Possible Online Training System.

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