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As the World’s Largest Basketball Training organization, founded by NBA Skill Enhancement Trainer, Micah Lancaster, I’m Possible Training has trainers, programs, and camps all over the globe. This allows players to take part in I'm Possible's personal training program with certified I'm Possible Trainers or participate in monthly classes and programs. For those who don't have I'm Possible Training in their backyard, our world-class camps and Online Training System gives everyone the ability to join the I'm Possible movement and train with efficiency, innovation, and effectiveness!

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I’m Possible Training Facilities can be found all over the world, offering monthly classes, large and small group sessions, and camps and clinics. Since all I’m Possible certified facilities are guaranteed to be directed by I’m Possible certified trainers, I'm Possible quality can be expected. To find a facility near you, use the facility search tool below.

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In a personal setting, our trainers use a systematic approach to make sure that each player learns and masters each and every skill within our proprietary I'm Possible checklist of over 300 skills and methods! To find a participating I'm Possible Trainer to help you become a complete player, use our personal training search tool below.

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With a global search engine of trainers, players and parents are able to immediately find the trainer that is closest to their area.

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With over 200 certified I'm Possible Trainers and a collection of the world's most highly acclaimed trainers in the industry, there is simply no training organization that can match I'm Possible's world-class camp offerings.

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