About I'm Possible Innovation

First off, we don't believe that there is only one way to train basketball players. In fact, there are virtually two types of basketball training approaches and we make sure we understand and offer both. We believe that all players should make sure they are receiving training in both ways.


At I'm Possible Training, we are most known for changing the face of basketball training with our innovative, unique and proprietary training methods. I'm Possible methods and training tools can be seen used around the globe, but the purpose behind the methods is often lost. In fact, I'm Possible launched its world-class basketball skill development certification process for this very reason, to ensure that the purpose behind our innovation was properly understood and executed with players.

The Problem with Pure and Simple Training

We often hear coaches and trainers yell out towards players a list of commands. "Get low." "Use your off hand." "Drop your shoulder." These are the methods of pure and simple training. Vocal commands to the player represent a training approach we call "personal accountability." The player is being asked to perform certain actions and hold themselves accountable to the wish and desire of their coach or trainer. The problem is, personal accountability is difficult. A player may feel like they are doing exactly as they are supposed to img but those in attendance can see the truth. I'm Possible's innovative approach utilizes a different kind of accountability. We call it "forced accountability." Instead of yelling at a player to get low, we utilize training tools to physically force the action upon them. Grabbing a Rip Cone, for instance, forces the player to get low, use their off hand, or drop their shoulder. In other words, through the use of innovation, a player can know that they are performing the exercise correctly because the training tool itself forces the accountability. Therefore, we believe that both personal accountability and forced accountability serve a great purpose. Forcing accountability helps a player learn and master movements while personal accountability is necessary for them to demonstrate that the skill and movement has been learned. This is why I'm Possible Training has found such success. Through the use of both innovation and the simple, our players reach levels of success they never dreamed possible.


"I'm Possible Training has some of the most amazing workouts I’ve ever seen. There are no limits to their imagination to get you better! Training with I'm Possible and the training tools they use is more than just routine training. It's game time, unpredictable repetition."


Medicine Basketball Training

Two time NBA Champion, Mario Chalmers, had this say to about the Medicine Basketball:

"When using the Medicine Basketball, I'm able to simulate protecting the basketball with contact. Micah's training replaces defenders and makes the training more of a challenge, just like a game."

Several years ago Micah Lancaster revolutionized the basketball training industry with his release of his first and widely acclaimed DVD, “Keys to a Quick Handle – the Complete Medicine Ball Workout.” As the original inventor and innovator of the concept, Micah Lancaster began working with manufacturers and designers to make the best Medicine Basketball in the world, perfecting everything from the grip, design, size, durability, and overall basketball effectiveness. Continuing to improve the medicine basketball over time, the ball has been enhanced to retain it’s pressure and shape longer while also making it easier to grip the larger balls. Finally, the medicine basketball was manufactured in both red and black color options to allow players to make reads and reactions based on colors. The three sizes of the ball allow for players to use the medicine basketball to simulate a large variety of game components and allows for players of all ages to benefit from the tool.

Rip Cone Training

Two time NBA Champion, Mario Chalmers, had this say to about the Rip Cone:

"Micah Lancaster's training focuses on reactions. When working on a game situation, Micah slides the Rip Cones to spots on the floor and I'm forced to make reactions based on the game."

For decades cones were used to train athletes and for decades cones were being used to train athletes in the exact same ways. Ordinary. Generic. Unrealistic.

Normal cones are placed on the ground to represent scenarios, defenders, and obstacles, but with little imagination and without true realism to the sport being emphasized. Through the Rip Cone, I’m Possible Training revolutionized the cone industry and the training industry. The Rip Cone is a cone with imagination, which can do more than just be placed on the ground. Its thoughtful, durable, and innovative design gives athletes the perfect tool to simulate everything from contact, game accountability, flexibility, control and more. The Rip  Cone is designed to be picked up, stacked, moved around, force low hips when changing directions, and even designed to serve as a target that can be knocked down and struck.