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There are two types of basketball training that exist - Game Enhancement and Skill Enhancement. While Game Enhancement is the most classic approach based on situations and team systems, I’m Possible is known around the world as the leader in Skill Enhancement due to our innovative, unique and proprietary training methods. The I’m Possible Skill Enhancement Trainer certification was launched to educate all trainers on I’m Possible’s Skill Enhancement methodology. No matter if your background is Game Enhancement or Skill Enhancement, or a mix of both, I’m Possible’s world-class basketball skill enhancement certification process is meant to ensure that the purpose behind our innovation is properly understood and executed with players.

Are you and I'm Possible a Match?

Before you proceed, it's important that you understand that we don't believe there is a right way to train basketball players. Nor do we believe the Skill Enhancement approach is the best. What we do know, however, is that Skill Enhancement is a new and necessary methodology and we are the absolute best at Skill Enhancement training. Our innovation, methodology, and effective teaching approach continues to spread around the globe, making a major impact on the game of basketball and the skill development industry. Watch the videos below and we are certain you'll feel comfortable getting your Skill Enhancement Certification!

becoming an i’m possible skill enhancement trainer

I'm Possible's Certification is meant to offer education and support on Skill Enhancement methodology. In that same manner, I'm Possible's role is to support you and your brand, and offer you tools and curriculum to educate and serve you as a basketball skill enhancement trainer. That's why I'm Possible Trainers pay no royalties, no commissions, and no franchise fees. Simply put, upon completing the certification process, a monthly network fee of $39.95 provides I'm Possible trainers with all the benefits, resources, curriculum, and online training tools associated with being certified with the world's largest basketball training organization. As long as you're qualified, the process is that simple!

01 Online Testing
02 Video Submission Review
03 Activate Your Certification
04 Enjoy Your Trainer Benefits


"I'm Possible Training has some of the most amazing workouts I’ve ever seen. There are no limits to their imagination to get you better! Training with I'm Possible and the training tools they use is more than just routine training. It's game time, unpredictable repetition."

Evan Turner, Portland Trailblazers, #2 Pick in the 2010 NBA Draft

step 01: Online testing

When you register to start your I’m Possible Skill Enhancement certification, you will gain immediate access to the I’m Possible Skill Enhancement course curriculum full of our teaching principles, terminology, methodology, and concepts. The Skill Enhancement certification course outlines the foundation and formula of I’m Possible Training’s methods and detailed teaching points, preparing you to start the process of becoming Skill Enhancement certified.

At the end of the course, you will also receive access to take the I’m Possible Skill Enhancement exam directly from your trainer account. Once completed and passed, you will move on to the video submission portion of the I’m Possible Skill Enhancement certification process.

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step 02: video submission review

Upon passing the Skill Enhancement exam, you will be provided with a workout that will be assigned to you.  Because the I’m Possible Training Certification is Skill Enhancement specific, a Skill Enhancement workout will be assigned for you to perform with a player or a small group. You will be given as much time as needed to record a live workout showcasing your ability to teach and direct I’m Possible’s Skill Enhancement workout.  Once completed, you will then submit your video entry for I’m Possible to review for final Certification approval.

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step 03: Activate your certification

Once you have successfully completed and passed Steps 1 and 2, you can elect to complete your certification by choosing which I’m Possible Trainer portal is best for you. I’m Possible’s Skill Enhancement certification is an ongoing and continuing education certification, meaning all I’m Possible trainers must remain active with an I’m Possible portal membership to maintain their certified status. I’m Possible Skill Enhancement trainers are able to choose between the I’m Possible Trainer portal and the I’m Possible Mastery portal as they continue to remain educated within I’m Possible.

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step 04: enjoy your trainer benefits

  • Complete editable profile on
  • Gain access to participate in I’m Possible’s Personal Training Program and Model
  • Enhanced exposure from our “Find Training” Global Seach Engine for Trainers
  • Access I’m Possible’s Complete Curriculum of drills, videos, and workouts!
  • Participate in growing the I’m Possible Curriculum
  • Access skill-specific training courses to expand your knowledge within I’m Possible Training

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