Personal Training with Kevin Duncan

Kevin Duncan

I'm Possible Trainer // Skill Enhancement Trainer

Instead of training our players multiple times per week, the I’m Possible way is to train our players once or twice per month, giving our players the opportunity, between their workouts, to master the skills they learn during each of their personal training sessions.

Even more, not only does Kevin Duncan work with his players in a personal setting each month, he also takes the time on a monthly basis to guide each player through the online training system. This allows each player to improve and progress through a deliberate and intentional monthly workout plan.

Players who would like to train with Kevin Duncan have the choice between working out once or twice a month to be placed on an effective and efficient path to improvement!

Kevin Duncan personal TRAINING OPTIONS

One Workout Per Month

Personal Training & Monthly Mentorship

$85 Per Monthregister»

  • 1 workout per month
  • Workouts are 1 hour in duration.
  • Sessions may include up to 1-3 additional players to enable more effective workouts.

Two Workouts Per Month

Personal Training & Monthly Mentorship

$150 Per Month register»

  • 2 workouts per month
  • Workouts are 1 hour in duration.
  • Sessions may include up to 1-3 additional players to enable more effective workouts.

Kevin Duncan Personal Training benefits
What you can expect by training with your I'm Possible Trainer

  • Experience the same training methods I’m Possible Training has used with NBA All-Stars and College All-Americans.
  • Gain access to the I’m Possible Online Training System of hundreds of individual drills so your trainer can keep you progressing forward between and before your workouts!
  • Become a Certified I'm Possible Player (information below) and receive monthly mentorship from your I'm Possible Trainer.
  • You will receive the I’m Possible Certified Player Notebook in the mail within a week of your registration, which your trainer will use to increase the efficiency of your workouts.

About Your Personal Training Benefits

Online Training

I'M Possible Certificate

receive guidance through the i’m possible
online training complete player system


// Access the World's Best Online Training System

Utilize the I’m Possible Complete Player Online Training system with over 150 drills and 60+ workouts designed to improve your game and help you achieve your dreams.


// Have a Professional Accountability Partner

Your trainer will monitor when you log into your system, see what statistics you are shooting in each drill you perform, send you messages and workout assignments, offer you counsel, and answer your direct questions.

Mentorship Icon

I’m Possible Trainer

By becoming a certified I'm Possible Player you will gain unlimited access to your I'm Possible Trainer. Your trainer will personally mentor and communicate with you. Develop a personal relationship with an approved I’m Possible Trainer to help guide you on your own personal basketball journey through skill development and basketball decisions. This is an industry first where players have unique mentorship relationships with professional trainers to guide them through their basketball journey

Mentorship Icon

edit your own profile for
the basketball community to see

Receive a Certified I’m Possible Player Profile Page to showcase your workout stats, post videos and share with teammates, friends, and coaches.