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Micah Lancaster – 2 Sessions Per Month & Online Training

$200.00 / month

Train individually with Micah Lancaster two times each month, master the skills the remaining time each month, and continue the process! Micah Lancaster will guide you through the Online Training System for added reps between workouts and most importantly, YOU WILL FINALLY GAIN THE IMPROVEMENTS YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!

Product Description

Train with Micah Lancaster twice per month individually while ALSO gaining Micah Lancaster as your daily mentor and adviser through his Online Training System.  This is the path Micah Lancaster has used with players from around the world, from NBA players and Europeans, to high school, middle school, and elementary, and is the secret to the success Micah has had developing basketball success stories! While many players attempt to train with a trainer multiple times per week, by doing so they often forfeit the knowledge they gained in each session and the reps that are needed between those workouts. When players train with Micah Lancaster following I’m Possible’s proven system, they are able to master the skills of emphasis each and every month while using the Online System to prepare for the next month’s session.

Why Less is More with Micah Lancaster

Benefits to Micah Lancaster’s I’m Possible Player Certification Program

  • Train with Micah Lancaster individually two times each month.
  • Unlimited mentorship and guidance from Micah Lancaster.
  • Full access to the Online Training System with direct guidance and communication with Micah Lancaster.
  • Certified I’m Possible Profile Page to share with teammates, friends, and coaches.
  • Post videos on your I’m Possible profile for Micah Lancaster to critique and evaluate.
  • Receive a 25% discount on ALL Micah Lancaster camps.
  • Much more!!!