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The I’m Possible Certification’s purpose is not to teach trainers everything they need to know in one day, but rather begin the process of continuing education that all trainers and coaches within I’m Possible Training learn to embrace. Therefore, each trainer should approach the I’m Possible Certification with an expectation to learn, connect, and simply begin the I’m Possible process. Note: The ability to demonstrate skills is not required to be an I’m Possible Trainer.


I’m Possible’s Online Certification process is a two step process. First, each trainer is provided a recorded webinar of Micah Lancaster explaining the I’m Possible Training certification handbook in complete detail. Upon a trainer completing the webinar, the trainer will finalize their online certification by submitting a video for I’m Possible to review. Each video should be 15 minutes in length and showcase the trainer teaching a minimum of three on-court drills.

To choose this option, trainers must select the “Online Certification” option from the drop down menu above.