As the home of Micah Lancaster, one of the world's most respected and sought after trainers, the I'm Possible Skill Lab World Headquarters is a 8,000 SQ FT state-of-the-art basketball skill enhancement training facility featuring beautiful hardwood floors, eight baskets, Instant Feedback Modules, I'm Possible's Physical Reaction Module, a Vertimax, athletic performance space, and I'm Possible's "Mountain Attack Incline Turf" for speed and agility training. This innovative, one of a kind, training laboratory is a basketball training facility like never seen before!

8000 SQ FT

State Of The Art Training Facility


Available For All Members to Work on Their Game


facility features

training backboard

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The dimensions of a regulation backboard is 72 inches wide and 42 inches tall, but players rarely have the skill needed to take advantage of the backboard's full size.

Invented by I'm Possible's own Micah Lancaster and
Bryce Stanhope, the Skill Lab Training Backboard is the
first of its kind, designed to give players the accountability and visualization needed to train
themselves to efficiently use all spots on the glass.

instant feedback module

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The I'm Possible Skill Lab concept is built around
detailed analysis and key corrections in order to help
players reach their full potential within the game of
basketball. Our Skill Lab Instant Feedback Modules are designed to offer players the type of analysis they need to make significant corrections as they are able to instantly watch replays, and frame by frame
breakdowns of their training reps along with their
trainer's critique and precise analysis.

Mountain attack athletic turf

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Micah Lancaster created the Mountain Attack incline
training program as a pure test of a player's athletic
abilities. Utilizing an incline made of sports turf,
players are able to train for increased explosiveness,
balance, ball handling, power, and basketball specific footwork while using physical challenges to take their game to the next level.

physical reaction training module

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The Physical Reaction Training Module is a television unit that players can get physical with. Utilizing proprietary programs created by Micah Lancaster to challenge basketball players in their ball handling and passing skills, players are able to physically pass their
basketballs off the television unit without fear of
damage as they test their skills in a variety of ways.

welcome to the i'm possible
skill lab world headquarters