MICAH LANCASTER’S Online Training & Ongoing Mentorship

Micah Lancaster is one of the world’s most sought trainers with amateur players, college players, and NBA players seeking his guidance and counsel on a daily basis. However, recognizing the importance of giving players more year-round personal attention, Micah Lancaster launched his player certification program to serve as your own personal mentor.

Through this program, Micah Lancaster mentors and trains player's all over the world and guides them in their ongoing training efforts. Players receive access to Micah's Online Training System with over 200 individual drills and 85 effective workouts, and Micah Lancaster serves as their ongoing personal mentor through the Online Training System, even to the point of sending his players two custom workouts designed just for them each and every month.

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For all active monthly members of Micah Lancaster's Player Certification program, your payments are stored as CREDIT for any of Micah Lancaster's Personal Training services! This means you can use Micah's Online Mentorship program as a payment plan for training with Micah Lancaster personally!


Skill Enhancement Training is not just about working out. It's about consistency. That's why Micah Lancaster makes sure all his players, no matter local or from the other side of the world, are on a purposeful and steady basketball training plan all year-round. In fact, if you happened to live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Micah Lancaster is based, Micah would only agree to train you a maximum of twice per month. Why? Because it's the plan and process that will take you to the next level! That's what makes Micah's mentorship program so special. You also can take part in two workouts per month, assigned directly from on the world's top basketball trainers.

"Our Online Training System has many of the workouts, the skills, and methods you need. Even better, when you choose me as your mentor, I will help you navigate the Online System and guide you through the system. Not only that, each month I will drop two custom workouts into your "workout log" ,found on your online profile, so that you can follow the same type of process I would use if you were training with me personally each month."

Micah Lancaster, Founder and CEO

MICAH LANCASTER WILL personally guide you through the Online Training System

// Access the World's Best Online Training System

Utilize the I’m Possible Complete Player Online Training system with over 200 drills and 85+ workouts designed to improve your game and help you achieve your dreams.

// Micah Will Guide You On the System

Micah Lancaster makes himself available on a weekly basis to answer your questions and providing feedback and critique.

// Two Custom Workouts Each Month

Twice per month, Micah will drop two custom workouts directly into the "Workout Log" portion of your online profile, so you can systematically take your game to the next level.

Players from around the world travel to Micah Lancaster for personal training, NBA players to youth. For those who travel, they usually register to train for time frames ranging from a weekend to a month each year. The rest of the year, however, they are mentored by Micah using his world-class Online Training System, where their workouts are managed and their improvement is monitored until they are able to come back the next year.

This process is proven and the results speak for themselves! That's what makes Micah's Online Mentoring System so successful, as players are able to be guided through the exact process and journey they would experience if they traveled directly to Micah in Michigan.

"When you allow me to be your mentor, you become what we call an I'm Possible Certified Player. As a result of that, your payments are reserved as a credit that you can use to travel and train with me personally!

Micah Lancaster, Founder and CEO