Sean Green

Knoxville, Tennessee

About Sean Green

I have been an I'm Possible trainer since 2014. I am the owner and operator of Priority 1 Athletics in Knoxville, TN. I absolutely love what I do. I have trained players of all levels. I have trained Former NBA draft Candidates, D League players, WNBA players, International Professional players, All divisions of College, McDonald All Americans, and more.

  • Skill enhancement

    I’m Possible Skill Enhancement Trainers can be best described by their innovative approach, using "out of the box" methods to artificially simulate the game for players.

  • Certified Coach

    An I'm Possible Certified Coach is an active coach that also possesses the skill-specific knowledge and skill-specific I'm Possible Curriculum.

  • Playmaker

    The Playmaker badge, often defined as the point guard position, indicates excellence and knowledge in the ability to develop any player's ability to lead a team and make plays for themselves and others.

  • Ball Handling

    The Ball Handling badge indicates excellence and knowledge in the ability to develop any player's ball handling skills.

I’m Possible Training Credentials

I’m Possible Training Credential Badges represent both knowledge and rank for our network of trainer’s worldwide. At I’m Possible Training, we have developed the world’s only skill-specific certification courses for trainers to showcase their knowledge and specialties in basketball skill development. This process allows all of our trainers to grow and develop as a unified organization and gives players and parents direct access to each trainer’s abilities to make an incredible impact in any players game!

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