Trainer University

I’m Possible Training is the world's largest basketball training organization with certified trainers gaining establishment across the globe. Due to this unprecedented, rapid growth, we are continually looking for elite trainers to gain their I'm Possible certification and become one of I'm Possible's elite. The new I'm Possible Trainer University program offer's trainers from around the world the opportunity to gain a platform within I'm Possible, boost their career to new heights, and learn directly from Micah Lancaster at Micah Lancaster's I'm Possible Court in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Program Details

The I'm Possible University experience plugs trainers into I'm Possible's West Michigan training programs to experience the day to day operations of I'm Possible Training and the training that takes place at Micah Lancaster's I'm Possible Court.

The "I'm Possible Guesthouse" provides University I'm Possible Trainers with a full kitchen and living experience, where trainers are allowed 24 hour, private access to work on their craft utilizing the Micah Lancaster I'm Possible Court, Footwork and Handle Lab, and Athletic Performance Center.

becoming an i’m possible trainer

I'm Possible Training has helped more trainers become full-time in the business than any other training organization, hands down! Our University program is designed to help trainers establish themselves in the industry and do what they love for the rest of their lives! Fast track your career as a basketball skill development trainer with I'm Possible Training.

$1,500 - Credential Course One week of extensive instruction with Micah Lancaster
$5,000 - Master Course ONE MONTH of extensive instruction & mentorship with Micah Lancaster

The I'm Possible Trainer University program is by application only and spots do fill up quickly! Select an option below to apply.


"Upon joining I’m Possible Training, my career completely blossomed to a global level in just two years."

DJ Sackmann, Global Innovator for I'm Possible Training

Option 1: Trainer University Credential Program

The I’m Possible University Credential program is a one week course, providing the trainer with experience and instruction at the Micah Lancaster I’m Possible Court. Learning directly from Micah Lancaster, each trainer will be provided the opportunity to become a Certified I’m Possible Trainer while earning up to two credential badges to help start the process toward a higher level rank within I’m Possible. A valuable experience, each trainer will be able to start their career within I’m Possible Training with a running head start in the skill development industry!

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Option 2: Trainer University Master Program

The I’m Possible University Master program allows the trainer to train for one month at the Micah Lancaster I’m Possible Court, learning the ins and outs of the basketball business and I’m Possible’s world-renowned principles and concepts. Within the Master program, the trainer will be given the opportunity to learn directly from Micah Lancaster and possibly earn their way to an I’m Possible Training Pro Master ranking and possibly become one of I’m Possible’s top ranked trainers due to a stellar performance throughout the program.

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